Vila Wrap

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You’ll find the Vila in the hills and mountain tops of Slavic folklore, dwelling in the high-up places where the air is thin and sweet and the clouds are born. Some legends call them a kind of fairy, others claim them as nymphs, while a few say that they are the spirits of women who were too silly and not serious enough in their lifetimes. Whatever their origins, the Vila have a true lust for life. They are both frivolous and fierce, appearing as beautiful women in white dresses, billowing cloaks, or magical blue robes. They lure young men into rowdy dances and demand their absolute loyalty in return. They sing with enough force to call up high winds, and fight with a wildness that shakes the earth. They are gorgeous, powerful, and at least a little bit dangerous.

The Vila Wrap was designed to honour these magical creatures in all their ferocious femininity. A generous, elongated wrap with an asymmetrical design and stunning lace panels, this shawl invites you to make a statement. Created in three colours, it is an addictive knit that’s hard to put down. Stripes and engaging stitch patterns keep things interesting without being too difficult. Smart, contemporary and easy to wear, the wrap shape will complement a wide variety of wardrobes.

Guarded by a loving sprite, a fen works its magic as a place of safety and refreshment for small living things. It is a nesting spot, where new life can dabble in the shallow water and the shelter of reeds. It is also where water, tainted by its travels through the mundane world, is filtered and cleansed by an
intricate lacework of roots. There is a thrill to be found in this quiet alchemy, something we discover again with each new project we attempt. A fistful of yarn becomes a treasured object. A grey afternoon becomes a cherished interval of stitching and dreaming. As knitters and makers, we know the sprite’s joy in taking something that is purely potential and transforming it into something full of life and love.

One size.
Walcot Yarns Opus [70% Falkland Merino, 30% Baby Alpaca; 325m/355yds per 100g skein].
Colour A: Splashed White, Colour B: Grey, Colour C: Maya.
Or approximately 250g of fingering weight yarn totaling 800m/870yds. Colour A: 90g, Colour B: 80g, Colour C: 75g (Actual yarn used).
4mm (US 6) circular or straight needles or .5mm smaller than size used to obtain gauge).
4.5mm (US 7), circular or straight needles or size to obtain gauge.
Tapestry needle.
18 sts/20 rows = 10cm (4") in striped chevron pattern after blocking.

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