How do I join The Shawl Society?

You can join a season when it first launches as a secret subscription club, with a new shawl pattern released each month. Then once all of the patterns have been released, you can still purchase the patterns as an ebook to knit at your own pace whenever you like.

What's included in The Shawl Society Membership?

The Shawl Society includes SIX brand new shawl patterns, which will be exclusive to members until the end of each session, with monthly KALs for each design. There will also be secret discounts and pop up sales events for members only.

I bought it on Ravelry: where are my patterns?

You can buy The Shawl Society Season I ebook on Ravelry now, and all of the patterns will be available in your library. When the next session begins, the shawl patterns for Season II will be released one at a time over a period of six months, so when you pre-order or purchase Season II the patterns will be automatically added to your Ravelry library as they are released.

Will there be any planning details available before the pattern releases so we can cast on as soon as each one comes out?

You will get details about yarn and materials approximately three weeks before each pattern is released so you can stash dive or shop and be all ready to cast on.

Is the intention that we complete each pattern within the month of release? My queue is already too long but I don’t think I can resist this secret society!

That’s a great question! There is no pressure to complete a shawl each month. You can knit as many as you like during the session and the patterns will be yours forever!


Will the shawls be knit as MKAL or will we be able to see the designs before we start knitting?

They will be released as a whole design with all the details at once.

Where will the yarns be available from?

The yarns I use will be mainly from UK and US but they should be quite easy to substitute with other brands, and of course you are welcome to use yarn from your stash: some members in Season I knit all six shawls from existing stash!

I see that there are charts for the lace, but will the pattern for the lace be written also? 

Yes, the whole pattern will be written out in the Curious Handmade Percentage Checklist™ format and the charts will be there for lace sections.

Are the patterns knitting only, or are there crochet patterns, too?

All knitting!

How difficult are the patterns?

The patterns are all adventurous beginner to intermediate level. With six patterns to work through and a supportive community, I am confident that any knitter can participate fully, at their own pace, as long as you promise to be patient with yourself during the tricky parts.

When is the next season coming out?

That’s still a secret! But sooner than you might think. Make sure you’re signed up to the mailing list to get all the news and updates first!