Jumping into a six-month session of surprise shawl knitting takes a little nerve, no matter how long you’ve been knitting! When you join the Shawl Society you’re joining an incredible tribe of devoted and adventurous knitters who love to share their creative process with each other. In the last season we had members ranging from first-time shawl knitters to seasoned veterans, and it was wonderful to see how everyone supported each other the whole way through. In that spirit of community, I think you’ll find these lovely testimonials as well as beautiful project photos from previous participants encouraging!
“I really enjoyed the shawl knitalong and wouldn’t think I’d need half a dozen shawls…but I’ve worn every one of them out and about as well as around the house. I love the way the patterns are written out and definitely prefer the percentage checklist too!”
“I just returned from Vogue Knitting Live which was in Minneapolis for the first time. I wore my Talisman and was surprised that fellow Shawl Society members came up to me and recognized Helen’s pattern! I felt like we should have a secret handshake or something. Such fun!”
“Helen – thank you for an amazing shawl event. It was my very first knitalong. I have enjoyed every minute of knitting. I especially like the way you do your writing. It is clear and precise. I like that it is written out in addition to the charts since I’m not very good at charts. ”
“I just have to say that I have enjoyed knitting every.single.shawl. I’m not done with Sonder but I’ve got a good start on it and I don’t see my opinion changing. ;) This KAL has been so much fun. I’ve learned new techniques. I’ve used up some of my oldest stash as well as leftovers from other shawls. I’m so excited to knit so many of these patterns again. Thank you for designing and organizing such a wonderful experience!”
“Thank you Helen for the wonderful journey of the shawl society. I finished all 6...I have nothing but praise for the beautiful patterns and the whole idea of our secret shawl society.”